Three Summer Dances

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  • Duration6 min
  • Year1994
  • Instrumentation for woodwind quintet
  • Movements 1. Frolic
    2. Intermezzo
    3. Rondo
  • Recording The Borealis Wind Quintet
    A La Carte - Short Works for Winds (2006 Grammy Nomination) MSR Classics
  • Publisher Edition Peters

1. Frolic


2. Intermezzo


3. Rondo

Program Notes

"'Three Summer Dances' for woodwind quintet is derived from various musical ideas that date back to 1969. In 1994 I decided to take some of these musical ideas and develop them into a short woodwind quintet. In 2006 the Borealis Wind Quintet recorded the work on their CD 'A La Carte'. The CD was also nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award for Best Classical Chamber Music. The work consists of three short contrasting movements. The first movement (Frolic) is a light but energetic piece punctuated by staccato figures and short rhythmic ideas. The second movement (Intermezzo) us melodic in nature with a gentle six-eighth feel that runs through the entire movement. The writing is more transparent here sometimes using just two instruments in duet. The third movement (Rondo) is exactly that. The main melodic idea consistently returns throughout although sometimes fragments of the idea are also used. Although conceived as a suite of three pieces each of these movements can very easily stand alone in a concert setting."