Music in Film: Settling the Score

by Joseph Turrin

ISBN: 978-1-5165-1 456-4 ©2019
Cognella Press – San Diego, CA

Sneak Preview (PDF)

Music in Film: Settling the Score introduces students to the dynamic world of film and, more specifically, the art of film music. The text explores the various reasons for including music in film, the essentials of sound, the origins of film, scoring techniques, the business of film, and more. The book emphasizes the early development of music in the silent film era, which helped shape the way we understand film music today.

The book guides students through the development of film music by examining the composers of yesterday and today, as well as the musical genres that have helped shape this vital industry. Students learn about what music accomplishes in film, early recording techniques, Hollywood’s influence on film music, the re-emergence of romantic scoring, and more.

Music in Film, provides students with the essential tools they need to understand some of the most important aspects of music for the cinema without necessarily having any musical training. The text is well-suited for courses in film music, film, history of the cinema, and film appreciation. It is also an ideal text for novice film composers who are trying to break into the business.

"Joe Turrin knows music in film—as an avid student of the subject, and as an exemplary practitioner. I know, when he did the score for one of my films, he added emotion and context that the movie would never have had without him."

Alan Alda, Actor

"Joseph Turrin's book is an excellent course for those interested in the history and basic techniques of modern film music scoring. Not at all a simple historical recitation of film music, the book is informative and indicative of the author's own broad based interests and of his experience as a composer of film music, with a wide and extremely varied choice of musical examples.

Full of history, but not obsessively detailed, the book casts a wide net over many diverse films and the composers that worked on them. Musical examples covering a vast and comprehensive list of subjects, both historical and contemporary, along with many visual examples, are plentiful. Although meant for course study, this very-well written and well researched book is a fascinating and highly recommended narrative for the general reader interested in the who, what and how of film music."

Bruce Broughton, American Orchestral Composer