Sadie Thompson (film score)

Rent Score
  • Duration 97 min
  • Year 1987
  • Instrumentation 2 fl (picc. double), 1 ob, 2 cl (bass cl. double), 2 bsn, 2 hrn, 2 trp, 2 trb, 2 cello, string bass, piano, and perc.
  • Publisher Joseph Turrin Music
    Kino International
    The full score and film are available for live performances.
    The DVD is available at Amazon.com

Sadie Thompson. 1928 silent film classic Music by Joseph Turrin
Starring Gloria Swanson, Lional Barrymore and Raoul Walsh. Roger Ebert "Thumbs Up Award" for the score presented by Roger Ebert

Program Notes

The 1928 silent film masterpiece staring Gloria Swanson, Lional Barrymore and Raoul Walsh. Based on a story by Somerset Maugham and directed by Raoul Walsh. Two Academy Award Nominations including Gloria Swanson for Best Actress. Restored by Kino International who also commissioned the composer to write an original score for the film. The score was recorded in 1987 with the composer conducting and is available on video.The first theater showing was on March 13,14, and 15, 1987 at the Regency Theater in New York City.

The premiere with live ensemble and film took place on May 16, 1997 at Spaulding Auditorium at Dartmouth College. Sponsored by the Dartmouth Film Society. The Dartmouth Wind Symphony was conducted by Max Culpepper.

Also performed live with orchestra at Roger Ebert's Forgotten Film Festival in Urbana, IL (2007) and at the StrummFilm MusikTage - Germany (2010)

"One of the most impressive aspects of this restored version of Sadie Thompson is an excellent musical score written, arranged and conducted by Joseph Turrin. Few musicians have written feature-length scores for silent films in the last 60 years, but Turrin produced one that follows the film meticulously and is good listening besides."

— THE OREGONIAN (4/16/87)

"Full credit is due to Joseph Turrin for composing and conducting a continuous score running for 97 minutes."

— THE VILLAGE VOICE (New York) (3/24/87)

"With a musical score by Joseph Turrin, Sadie Thompson is a work that must be seen."

— NY DAILY NEWS (3/87)